Eastern Region Awards

The deadline for awards nominations has passed.The awards will be presented at the Higher Ed Symposium, hosted by the Eastern Region in Buffalo, New York, April 30-May 2.

The following awards will be given to region members in recognition of outstanding contributions and accomplishments:

Fred C. Ford Award

This award is given to the Eastern Region CUPA-HR member (individual or team) who has made the most significant contribution to our profession during the past year. The contribution is in the form of a creative or innovative idea reflecting ingenuity and understanding of human resources. The innovation can be technological, based in process improvement, a novel partnership that advances the profession or a new approach to an HR department’s current challenge. The implemented innovations should be unique, effective, received a positive response, led to improved performance and the achievement of innovation advanced the human resources profession and/or promoted better understanding of human resource management.

Recipients of this award may be forwarded to the national awards committee for consideration of the HR Innovation Award, if the national criteria for the award are met.

Fred C. Ford Award past recipients

Diedrich K. Willers Award

This award is for contributions over a period of many years to the cumulative knowledge and stature of the human resources profession within higher education. The award normally is given to a practitioner whose persistent contributions, to the institution(s) served and the profession, have established her/him as an accepted leader within our field.

Diedrich K. Willers Award past recipients

Member of the Year Award

This award salutes service to CUPA-HR and provides an opportunity to salute those who are the backbone of what CUPA-HR is all about. Criteria for this award include all levels of service to CUPA-HR including at the chapter, regional and/or national level.

Member of the Year Award past recipients

HR Excellence Award

This regional award honors transformative HR work in higher education, recognizing individuals or teams who have provided HR leadership resulting in significant and ongoing organizational change within their institutions. The recipient of this regional award will be submitted to the national awards committee for consideration for the national HR Excellence Award. Thanks to the generous support of VALIC, CUPA-HR is able to make a contribution of $1,000 to the institutional endowment or scholarship fund of the award recipient’s choice.

Eligibility Note: Individuals who are employed by the association, individuals who serve on the CUPA-HR national board of directors, and the institutions of those directors are not eligible to be nominated or selected for awards during their terms of service.

HR Excellence Award past recipients

Emerging Leader Award

This award is presented to an individual to recognize outstanding leadership and leadership potential for CUPA-HR members who are new members or who are new to a leadership role in CUPA-HR. Consideration for this award should include the nominee’s actions that reflect exemplary performance impacting innovation, commitment, inspiration or partnership.

Emerging Leader Award past recipients